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Sprite ready for Wholesale

Product Name: Sprite ready for Wholesale
Product Origin: Germany
Brand Name: sprite
PriceTerms: EUR 3-4 / Case
Supply Ability: 240 Pallet/Pallets per Month
Detailed Product Description:

Sprite 24 cans x 330ml per tray approximate 2300 trays per 20ft FCL

We are one of the leading export company in Europe.
We have many kinds products, good quality, good price, all size.
We have been offering a wide range products to our customers all over the world.
Should you have any request, pls feel free to contact us at any times to have a best support from us.
You can make a phone call to us :
Best-Selling Soft Drink Sprite 330ml can
Premium Quality Sprite Cans (Europe) 330ml PM is carbonated drink provide a great taste
Varieties which can be mixed: Coca Cola, Coke Zero, Coke Light, Coke Light with Lemon,
Coca Cola Lemon, Sprite, Sprite Zero, Spritea, Fanta Orange Soda, Fanta Grape Soda, Schweppes Cream Soda etc.
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