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Grade A Cocoa Beans For Sale

Product Name: Grade A Cocoa Beans For Sale
Brand Name: Cocoa Beans
PriceTerms: US $1,000-1,200 / Metric Ton
Supply Ability: 10 Forty-Foot Container per Month
Detailed Product Description:

With the help of our skilled professionals, we offer an extensive range of Cocoa Beans, which are widely used for preparing coffee as well as other cocoa products. We have small land as well as various farmers, who do the organic farming in the cocoa farms. Our products are available at industry leading prices to our clients and are reliable sourced for coffee making. These products are highly famous for their rich aroma as well as good taste and are having various quality characteristics:


Rich taste

Chocolate brown colour

Nice aroma

Product: Cocoa Beans, machined

Bean species: Forastero

Average bean size: 5 to 8 mm (large beans) and 3 to 4 mm (small beans)

Bean count per kg: 95 to 100 (large beans) and 110 to 115 (small beans)

Colour: brown to dark brown

Quality: Grade 1

Specifications: Graining 99-100, Moisture 7% max, Mouldy 2% max, Moth (insects) 0%, Bean slate 1.5% max, Broken 0%

Price: below London Futures, New York futures and ICCO daily price quote.

Inspection: Unicontrol (seller account) Intertek/SGS (buyer account)

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