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Canned Green Hot Pepper

Model No.: UK-2017
Product Name: Canned Green Hot Pepper
Product Origin: UK
Standard: Human Consumption
Brand Name: Canned Green Hot Pepper
PriceTerms: CIF/FOB
Detailed Product Description:

Canned Green Hot Pepper.
Packing in jars of 370ml, 720ml, or tins of 400g, 567g, 850g

Product: Canned Green Hot Pepper

Specification: Whole, 3-5CM length.

Taste: Hot, Spicy, Acid.

Ingredient: Green Pepper, Water, Vinegar, Salt

(maybe black pepper, or mustard seeds)

Packing: 12X370ML, 12X580ML, 12X720ML,

24X400G, 24X425G, 24X567G, 24X850G

Good for health!

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